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Adventures of an adventure cyclist. Or, whose idea was this again

I'm a guy who rides bikes for the sheer joy of exploring on two wheels.  I go out for an hour, for the day, or weeks on end, taking whatever road or track.  It just matters that I haven't been there before.  It's important to do this.  When I'm halfway, in the middle of nowhere and the prospects of success, or even of survival, seem remote, I keep telling myself this. 


I often meet people out there doing the same, who've solved the problems of touring in a different way from me, and occasionally, learned something useful.  I've looked with envy at their blogs and YouTubes as they boasted of their few successful missions and slagged off whatever or whoever was annoying them.  I thought, I could do that. 


Cycling abroad: difficult, important work

I have road bikes and mountain bikes, but I'm not a roadie, and I'm certainly no mountain biker. I'm an adventure cyclist, which basically means I go on exhausting, difficult trips by bicycle, carrying everything I need, and a credit card to take care of everything else. Despite this, I don't actually own a touring bike. I've tried a few and find them slow, heavy, no fun to ride and not much use on rough terrain. I don't want a steel barge that I can't bunny hop or sideslip; no, I've got other ideas. Probably, you won't agree with any of them. 

My mantra is the journey and the destination are equally important.  You have to get there, but if you don't enjoy getting there, most of the time at least, what's the point.  The rides are often long and involve carrying gear over various types of surface, so my riding style is about longday stamina and the headgame.  You need to be fit, but strength and pacing are just as important, and it's not a race.  An hour here or there is immaterial if you're riding all day.  You need to get there in time to get your shelter up before it gets dark, preferably, and if there are pubs, while they're still open.  Think of me as the Hohmann transfer orbit of cycling. Here I will be sharing some of my more interesting course corrections. 

Main photo: Dodo, in natural environment

Métro boulot dodo is the French way of saying we live to work. Métro being the subway, boulot being the work, the dodo bit meaning "then go to sleep". Here is a better life.

vélo vino dodo

vélo vino dodo